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Road Freight

Door to Door Service by Road

Large volume shipments present no problems for us. We can utilize ground transportation of truckload shipments to your consignee, according to your instructions. we can supply single and team drivers as your truckload shipment require. While no shipment is too big, we do encourage you to let us provide a quote.

This includes all shipping, handling, import, and customs duties, making it a hassle-free option for customers to import goods from one place to another. Delta Express Courier helps to provide you with the best Ground Freight services possible by working hard and protecting your cargo like it is our own. Our specialty includes Safety, Security, and Door Delivery, worldwide. We protect your cargo like it is our own. Don’t let the paperwork errors prevent your cargo from getting through customs. We thoroughly check cargo paper work to shorten the length of cargo sits idle.We are at your services!

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